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Naturalized Additions

Custom Home

Having helped homeowners remodel, install and finish new custom homes, we’ve identified the most basic, vital concerns a homeowner should address when planning a new custom home. The issues are both technical (walls, floors, electrical, etc.) and creative. A professional plan takes all factors into account and results in the most attractive and functional custom home possible within the budget and space available. Experience has shown us that many homeowners can have a much nicer and more functional custom homes, even their dream custom homes, by enlisting the help of a professional designer to design a great custom home for you, one that suits your home, budget, tastes and lifestyle.

Sample of custom home

Room Additions

Have you recently realized more living space is needed in your home? Your family may be growing, you may need a guest room or perhaps an office space. You could buy a larger home, but a better choice may be a room addition to your existing property. At Lescas Enterprises we understand that a new room addition is a big decision.  Lescas’s skilled team can build a perfectly planned space for you with seamless construction and all the latest innovations.  Your fabulous new addition will add much needed square footage and function to your current residence. As a licensed full service residential new home construction and remodeling company we can easily construct almost anything you can imagine including a state-of-the-art home gym, mother-in-law suite, bathroom or a beautiful new nursery.

Lescas Entrprises will complete the process with ease, beginning with your ideas and an analysis of building design up to a flawless completion. We have over 2 decades of building experience and a skilled team of trained professionals, both of which are critical when navigating the vast amount of legal restrictions and building requirements. Whatever your home renovation needs are we are here to help.

  • We handle the permit process
  • We guide you in the design, functionality and architectural drawings
  • We complete the building process in house with No Subcontractors
  • Finish project will look like it was always part of your original home
  • Owner of company is on-site every day for quality control


Built beyond your expectations