Important Tips to Organize Your Home Renovation

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When beginning the process of renovating your home, many aspects that can be challenging or intimidating at first. There are many factors to consider, such as how you will decorate and design your home’s interior, how to organize your renovation process to ensure everything is taken care of, or how to protect your belongings and home during the renovation process. Planning ahead for these many projects and preparing yourself and your family will help ensure your home remodeling journey moves along seamlessly and successfully.


Have Your End Renovation Goal in Mind

Before you start seeking contractors and beginning extensive renovations, knowing how you want your home to look is essential. Is the purpose of your remodel to make it a more homey and up-to-date place for your family to live in, or do you plan to renovate and resell it? In addition, it is vital to consider whether the proposed renovations will be a good return on investment depending on what you plan to do with the home once the project is completed. 


Consider Your Budget and Timeline

Renovating a home comes with many different projects, and the costs will add up quickly. After figuring out the end goal for your home and the renovations you’d like to see, it is crucial to know how much you can spend. While putting together your overall renovation budget, you should also include a contingency budget for any projects that come up unexpectedly and set money aside for a possible hotel stay if you can’t stay in your home. When prioritizing the projects most important in your renovation, you can consider cheaper alternatives that will give you the same look and vision you’re going for but will also cut costs in certain areas. If you hope to have your renovations completed by a particular season or date, you must also plan ahead and make sure that all projects can be completed within that timeframe. Give yourself extra time to account for any delays or unexpected interruptions to your renovation process. 


Plan Projects Accordingly

Specific repairs or projects necessary during your renovation may need to be completed before others can begin. For example, if you discover that your roof needs replacing or your home’s siding needs to be redone, these projects must be completed before starting the remodel. This will help ensure that the house can properly support the weight of all subsequent work. The structural carpentry of your home should be considered next, including adding or removing walls or doorways and adding space for new windows. The additional support from a new roof will help provide further stability for these new changes within the home’s structure. If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom with electrical or plumbing changes, you’ll need to ensure that you have open walls and ceilings so these installations can easily occur. 


Obtain the Proper Permits

This is a step that many people overlook and often consider unnecessary when remodeling their homes because it slows down the process a bit. While your renovation may be delayed, it will pay off by ensuring that the work you’re about to begin will meet safety requirements and codes. Putting this process off and ignoring it may come back to haunt you later, as certain jurisdictions may force you to dismantle all renovations. In the long run, obtaining the proper permits required for various projects will save you time and money. Utilizing a remodeling company can save you the headache of going through the permit process because they will obtain all the necessary permits.


While having your home in complete disarray for weeks or months may seem overwhelming, the process of waiting and the chaos of the mess will be worth it. Taking the time to organize your remodeling process and planning ahead will help create a low-stress environment and allow you to enjoy transforming your home.


Consider Using a Remodeling Company

As a full-service residential new home construction and remodeling company, Lescas Enterprises can remove many of the headaches involved in the renovation process. We will assist you in designing your dream home, obtain permits for you, and complete the whole process in-house.


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